Cross-chain Implementation

Our goal is to build a yield optimizer which can implement and earn the best yield across all the blockchains. As the architecture shows, users can stay and interact with Evmos only, we will help to earn from all the possible protocols on all the other blockchains. They don’t need to do any extra actions. We will make the crosschain implementation as soon as the infrastructure is ready. You can check out these infrastructure in the Vision.
And here is the comparison of current cross chain and Earnmos experience. Here we make an assumption that we find that we can distribute the risk and earn the most yield by allocating 30%,30%,40% of your USDC in the farm pool on blockchain 1, blockchain 2 and blockchain 3. Check out the video below, you will feel how fantastic of Earnmos experience:
Current Cross Chain Experience
VS Earnmos Cross Chain Experience
So that's it. It will
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