Cosmos is waiting to be explored. There are variety of planets with different characteristics. Warriors are coming. Some early adopters are loving to adventure into the uncertainty and some miners are loving to find the new opportunities to earn.
We believe that every Miner has suffered when interacting with different protocols to earn yield. Especially as more and more blockchains come out. The complexity of understanding and operating grows exponentially. Even the OG will be driven crazy to monitor, bridge and make a series of complicated trx to earn the yield from different protocols on different blockchains.
Luckily, Earnmos is coming to facilitate the Miners to earn from the Cosmos and other universe. We are aiming to provide a seamless experience which you can stay at your favorite blockchain and earn from all the other blockchains with very simple actions.
Earnmos chooses Evmos blockchain as their mother planet. Because it stands between Cosmos blockchains and EVM-compatible blockchains, it is more likely to grow to a hub which will easily direct assets in/out to both sides.
To learn more about Earnmos, you can read our first Medium article here.
Earnmos will launch on Evmos firstly and run the Genesis Version to provide yield optimization strategies for most of our collaborated DeFi protocols. You can check out our partners here.
Then we will work with our partners to support their veToken to help users to earn more yield. That will be a classic model created by Convex. This will be our Gamma Version.
Then we will begin to implement the cross chain product based on Interchain Account which is included in the v7-Theta Upgrade and Layerzero for other EVM blockchains. We will call it Theta Version to pay respect to the upgrade of Interchain Account Module.
These are not our end. We will continue building more Dapps to fulfill the cross chain needs in the future because we believe that multi-chain is the future.

Why use Earnmos

As we have mentioned in our very beginning article:
  • Lower the entry barriers for EVM users. It will help to bring the EVM users to Evmos which enlarges the user base. The Cosmos Interchain Ecosystem is a little different from the single blockchain, so Earnmos provides an entrance for the EVM Defi users to participate in the Defi on Evmos and Cosmos Interchain ecosystem with maximized efficiency both on user experience and capital.
  • Easy and convenient to use. Earnmos provides an unique user experience for the investors who are not technically minded or who wish to interact in a less committal manner than serious traders. This will bring and retain more users to Evmos.
  • Interchain opportunities. As mentioned above, we believe in the vision of Earnmos and Cosmos. Multi-chain will exist in the future for specific purposes. This will be more complicated when compared to the current single blockchain Ecosystem. Users are more willing to work with a tool that provides a one stop shop.
  • Community Driven. We believe in the power of the community, especially in the multi-chain future. Time of each individual is limited, so no one can learn all, such as other blockchains, Defi protocols, etc. We need a community to share and feed each other. Moreover, we don’t want to have an iconic person who has a dominant influence on the project.

Who can use Earnmos

Yield farmers🧑‍🌾 from non-Cosmos blockchains who want to earn on Cosmos and the native Yield farmers who want to earn the best yield across all the Cosmos blockchains can use Earnmos as long as the strategy is supported to earn from those protocols.
Moreover, we support 2 types of strategy which has different views of Diffusion's one protocol. One is bullish and they will hold the reward token. The others is only the yield farmers who will sell the reward token and earn the yield immediately. Regarding Evmoswap, we also have a strategy that can boost EMO Reward. You can go to 'strategy detail' to view the details.
And we have some great articles which explain why using us is better than investing by yourself.