• Evmos
Evmos is a decentralized proof of stake blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem. It is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based, meaning it is fully compatible with the Ethereum network. Evmos has also enabled Cosmos’ Inter-blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC), a protocol that allows for the direct sharing of tokens and data among the Tendermint-based chains that use it. Therefore EVM applications deployed on Evmos can also be accessed by participants in networks across the broader Cosmos ecosystem, including Cosmos, Terra, Crypto.org Chain, Osmosis, Cronos, Sentinel, and Secret Network, and many more.
Based on this Earnmos chose Evmos blockchain as our mother planet.
  • Diffusion
Diffusion is a Uniswap v2 fork. It’ll be one of the first AMMs for Evmos, an EVM on Cosmos that leverages the Cosmos SDK to enable use cases around composability, interoperability, and fast-finality. It seeks to unlock the potential of combining smart-contract based applications with the specific capabilities of other Cosmos chains to drive a new set of use cases in DeFi and beyond.
The Auto Compounder and Auto Stake strategy of Earnmos is based on the farm pool of Diffusion. It helps users earn more DLP tokend for initial deposit and DIFF tokens.
  • Coslend
Coslend lending protocol is a money market on Evmos Ecosystem based on Compound. Aiming to create a safe, open and transparent decentralized financial money market.
Based on Coslend, Earnmos will provide another choice for users to participate in the liquidity mining of Coslend, and get extra rewards.
  • Cronus
Cronus is an AMM built on Evmos, an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) on Cosmos that serves as the first IBC-compatible EVM-based chain, bringing composability, interoperability, and fast finality to Ethereum. Evmos is scalable, built on Proof-of-Stake and has the potential for adoption between the EVM & IBC communities.
Earnmos will integrate with Cronus to provide strategies to help users easily participate in the farming and staking.
  • Evmoswap
EvmoSwap is an automated market-maker, and the DEX is at the core of the whole ecosystem. It aims to be the go-to DEX, amongst other product offerings, on the Evmos Chain. With decentralized finance being an open ecosystem, EvmoSwap forks PancakeSwap, an AMM DEX operating on the BNB Chain (previously Binance Smart Chain).
The Evmoswap DEX is host to several user-friendly functionalities that facilitate decentralized finance.
The EMO Reward Boost strategy of Earnmos is based on the farm pool of EvmoSwap. It will boost depositors' reward, by locking a small portion of EMO earned to accrue veEMO.
  • Kinesis
Kinesis Labs is the first stablecoin exchange on Evmos. Kinesis Labs is made up of a team of DeFi natives who have worked at the likes of Risk Harbor, Polychain, and Hudson River Trading. Kinesis is the premier destination for stablecoin trading on Cosmos, and will be deployed on Evmos Mainnet.
Earnmos will deploy strategies to help users easily participate in the farming and staking for Kinesis.
  • Orbital Apes
Orbital Apes is one of the first NFT collections launching on Evmos. The team is also planning to launch an idle Blockchain play-to-earn game exclusively for Orbital Apes Holders called Orbital Apes Space Race. Complete daily missions and partner up with other Apes in special mission events to advance your spaceship for a chance to win exclusive NFTS and crypto prizes.
  • Saddle
Saddle is a decentralized automated market maker on the Ethereum blockchain, optimized for pegged value crypto assets such as stablecoins and wrapped BTC. They believe in collaboration, in building Saddle as a DeFi lego block, and in helping DeFi teams bring pegged asset swaps to any blockchain or L2.
  • Nomad
Nomad is a new design for radically cheaper cross-chain communication without header verification. They will cut 90% of gas costs compared to a traditional header relay. To accomplish this, they took inspiration from optimistic systems (a la Optimistic Roll-ups). Nomad features many of the features they prize in an optimistic mechanism, like public verification, low gas fees, broad participation, but has a slightly different security model.
We use Nomad bridge to help Earnmos users to bridge token from other blockchains to Evmos, and will do some community initiatives as well.
  • Connext
Connext is the interoperability protocol of L2 Ethereum.
Connext enables sending value and calling contracts across Ethereum-compatible chains and L2s. It is the only interoperability system that does this cheaply and quickly without introducing any new trust assumptions. Connext is aimed at developers who are looking to build bridges and other natively cross-chain applications.
Earnmos users can bridge tokens from other blockchains to Evmos via Connext.
  • Kava
Kava is a lightning-fast Layer-1 blockchain featuring a developer-optimized co-chain architecture that combines the two most used permissionless ecosystems - Ethereum and Cosmos - into a single, scalable, network. The Kava Network’s Co-Chains combine the flexibility and speed of Ethereum smart contract development with the interoperability of the Cosmos SDK, all powered by the ultra-fast Tendermint consensus engine.