Genesis Phase

Earnmos will collaborate with some of the fundamental DeFi projects on Evmos to provide yield optimization strategies for both of our users. This will last for about 1 month.

Gamma Phase

Earnmos will work with our partners on Evmos to apply the Curve/Convex Model. We will benefit both our partners’ token holders as well as their investors. Their token holders can lock through us and get higher rewards. In the meantime the investors can earn boosted rewards through us as well. This will drive lots of liquidity to these fundamental DeFi protocols.

Theta Phase

We call it Theta Phase to pay respects to the upgrade of the Interchain Account Module which is included in the Cosmos Theta Upgrade. Earnmos will begin to implement the cross chain facilities based on the Interchain Account and any other space jump technologies.
We will not stop there. We will continue to build more Dapps to fulfill the cross chain demands in the future.
Last modified 1yr ago