The human is always seeking the profit.
Human history is incentivized by the exploration of gold or other valuable resources. So does the blockchain history. Everything begins with exploring and mining Bitcoin, Ether, etc. it evolves to participate in the different Defi protocols and earn from liquidity mining on different blockchains. The exploration won’t stop and the environment becomes complicated.
The nature of human is "Lazy".
Every Defi user has suffered from interacting with different protocols to earn yield. Especially as more and more blockchains come out. The complexity to understand and operate grows exponentially. Even the OG will go crazy in order to monitor, bridge and make a series of complicated trx to interact with different protocols on different blockchains.
We believe in the multi-chain future.
Different blockchains are educating their crazy fans and acquiring TVLs to build their own planet. There won’t be that much at least not like current numbers in the future because of the very nature characteristic of blockchain. People will choose to use the most safe ones, everyone wants to live in a safe world. And more and more participants will make the blockchain safer. This is the Matthew Effect which will make the larger blockchains larger and will squeeze the room for small blockchains.
Liquidity will be a key factor to boost blockchains.
The liquidity is the blood of every token, every dapp or even the blockchains. The more liquidity will atract more users and more dapps which will ignite the growth of the economy for the blockchains, so we can see all the blockchains are rewarding the project who can bring more liquidity to their ecosystem.
On the user side, Earnmos will bring the value to provide higher return and much better user experience. And we begin on Evmos which is the most potential hub for Cosmos blockchains and EVM blockchains
When we implement the cross chain facilities, blockchains or Dapps are all have the motivation to bribe our token holders or even buy our token to vote for directing more liquidity to themself. But the logic will be more like the Convex which will direct the liquidity by voting for more reward allocation to their target products.
Besides Earnmos, we believe that lots of cross chain activities have the same problems and some interchain applications should be developed to facilitate those processes.
There are a lot of solutions to facilitate blockchain interoperability. This attempt has never been halted and a variety of innovations continuously come out. Among all these current solutions, we believe that Layerzero and Cosmos are the most promising ones. Complicated interchain applications can be created with them.
The application can utilize Layerzero to transfer the assets and msgs from source chain to the destination chain through their protocol deployed on both chains and the relayer-oracle mechanism. If Layerzero protocols have deployed on the blockchains, it can be connected with others they support.
The blockchains only need to install the Layerzero plug-in if they want to connect with others. This is very friendly to those existing blockchains that don’t have any interoperability considerations.
Cosmos is a set of SDKs that can help build blockchains much easier. And it defines some standards that will facilitate the interoperability between the chains integrated with their SDK. Thus they can transfer assets and msgs between each other.
We don't think each of them will dominate the market but will coexist. All non-Cosmos or Cosmos blockchains can be connected with both Layerzero and Cosmos. We will continue to build “one click“ applications based on these giants to fulfill the cross chain needs.
Last modified 1yr ago